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Amazing Acreage Bordering State Land!

Great off-grid lot next to 617 Acres of State Land.

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Property Video

Property Video APN 301-24-210 Seligman (5.15 Acres) from Ted Miskinnis on Vimeo.


This beautiful property features great views of the mountains to the South, as well as a small valley to the West. From parts of the high-elevations of this lot you can see the large valley to the North which stretches from Seligman on I-40, northwest toward the western portion of the Grand Canyon. There is a driveway already carved out which begins at the NE corner and runs to the NW corner, with a small clearing already built out which would be large enough for a medium sized RV. There’s also a small camper shell which is in decent shape. There are no utilities here, but cell service is available.

The ground is rocky with healthy dirt and many trees. The property boundaries have been marked, so there is no ambiguity regarding the lot lines and boundaries. The neighbor to the north has a home and container near the northern border of the lot.

The route to reach this property is winding, but quite simple. It takes about 15-20 minutes from the I-40 exit to reach the SW corner of the lot. We recommend using the route that we identified on the map below as the road conditions are less rough than heading NE from the freeway exit.

You could almost get lost on this heavenly property. This parcel is the perfect blank slate providing you peace and quiet without being too far from civilization. Boasting an elevation of 6017 feet and peppered by pinion pines and juniper trees, you can easily escape the brutal heat of the desert low lands with this amazing lot! This property is the perfect blank slate waiting for your dreams.

PARCEL ID: 301-24-210, Yavapai County, AZ
ZONING: Residential (RCU-2A)

COUNTRY: United States
PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Portrero Prwy, Seligman, AZ, 86337
GPS: 35.33737532, -113.0977887
NEIGHBORHOOD: Bridge Canyon Country Estates
SUBDIVISION: Bridge Canyon Country Estates

PROPERTY ACCESS? Dirt road frontage via Portrero Prwy
ELEVATION: 5840 ft
RV LIVING? Per County, Yes – Must have 2 acres
TINY HOMES? Per County, Yes allowed. No size limits. Just have to follow the building safety guidelines
MINIMUM SQFT FOR HOME? Per County, no size limits
MOBILE HOMES? Per County, Yes, Must be newer than 1976
FLOOD PLAIN? Not in a flood plain. Minimal wetlands present
TERRAIN? Treed with a slope
BUILDABLE LOT? Yes, this lot is buildable
TIME TO BUILD RESTRICTIONS? 6 Months but can be extended
HOA? None

POWER? Not available, this is an off-grid lot
WATER? Not available, would need a water tank or dig a well
GAS? Propane delivery is available
SEWER? Not available, this is an off-grid lot
CABLE? Cable Service available via Satellite
SEPTIC? Septic can be installed
PHONE? Mobile service is available. No landline service

POWER COMPANY: Arizona Public Service Company (800) 253-9405
WATER SERVICE: Not Available
GAS SERVICE: Ferrellgas (888) 337-7355, or Superior Propane Inc. (928) 635-1314)
SEWER SERVICE: Not Available
WASTE DISPOSAL: United Disposal (928) 636-5203
PHONE SERVICE: Mobile service is available. No landline service

DISCLAIMER: We hire an outside service to verify the property information that is displayed here. We do review this information, and to the best of our knowledge it is true and accurate, but we cannot guarantee that it is. It is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to verify anything that is shared here that is material to their purchasing decision.

Buying Process

When purchasing land from us, you have several choices; pay in full for immediate title transfer and ownership, or pay over time (seller financing) receiving title after all payments are made… [Learn More]   

Driving Directions

From Seligman, Arizona 86337
Follow AZ-66 W/Historic Rte 66/W Old 66 – 4 min (2.7 mi)
Continue on Fort Rock Rd. Take Vía De Oro to Portrero Prwy – 32 min (13.0 mi)
Turn left onto Fort Rock Rd – 6.0 mi
Turn right onto Montana Ln – 0.3 mi
Turn left onto Conejo Rd – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto Via De Oro Pkwy – 0.9 mi
Continue straight onto Vía De Oro – 0.3 mi
Continue onto Via De Oro Pkwy – 0.4 mi
Continue onto Vía De Oro – 0.9 mi
Turn right onto Corona Cir/Vía De Oro
Continue to follow Vía De Oro – 0.7 mi
Continue onto Valley Pkwy – 0.2 mi
Continue straight onto Vía De Oro – 1.4 mi
Turn left onto Portrero – 0.5 mi
Portrero turns slightly left and becomes Potrero Pkwy – 0.5 mi
Continue onto Portrero Prwy
Destination will be on the left – 0.8 mi
Seligman, Arizona 86337

Did you know that you can click this link and open the map below on your phone or other device and then follow this map directly to the property?

Buying Process

When purchasing land from us, you have several choices; pay in full for immediate title transfer and ownership, or pay over time (seller financing) receiving title after all payments are made… [Learn More]   

Nearby Attractions/City

Sedona, Arizona

As the story of this community’s early history goes, T.C. and Sedona Schnebly were attracted to Upper Oak Creek or Camp Garden both names were being used at that time. Strangely, these names were totally appropriate because during the past 100 years, numerous families and individuals have been drawn here by the raving descriptions of friends and relatives. In the case of T.C. and Sedona, it was T.C’s brother, Dorsey Ellsworth Schnebly, who discovered Red Rock Country while seeking an ideal climate and atmosphere for his health. According to the recorded testimony of Ellsworth Schnebly, son of T.C. and Sedona, his uncle was inspired by the discovery of towering red rocks interfused with forested greenery, as well as vast acreage surrounded by meandering, clear Oak Creek.

Various reports indicate that T.C. suggested calling the post office Schnebly Station, then Red Rock Crossing and even Oak Creek Station and most of these reports state that the names were not accepted by the government because they were too long to fit on a cancellation stamp. Subsequently, T.C’s brother, Dorsey Ellsworth, thought of submitting the name of T.C’s wife, Sedona. And after telling T.C. that in the person there was a character that would stand well as a symbol for the community, he turned to Sedona and said, You’re going to have a town named after you.

Montezuma Castle

On December 8, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt celebrated the passage of the Antiquities Act by declaring four sites of historic and cultural significance as our nation’s first National Monuments. Among these was Montezuma Castle, which the President identified as a place “of the greatest ethnological value and scientific interest.” Although very few original artifacts remained in the structure due to intensive looting of the site, Roosevelt’s decision assured the continued protection of one of the best preserved prehistoric cliff dwellings in North America.

Montezuma Castle National Monument quickly became a destination for America’s first car-bound tourists. In 1933, “Castle A”, a 45-50 room, pueblo ruin was excavated, uncovering a wealth of artifacts and greatly enhanced our understanding of the Sinagua people who inhabited this riparian “oasis” along Beaver Creek for over 400 years.

Now, approximately 350,000 people a year gaze through the the windows of the past during a visit to Montezuma Castle. Even 600 years after their departure, the legacy of the Sinagua people continues to inspire the imaginations of this and future generations.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Soon after Arizona became American territory from Mexico in 1848, the U.S. Congress began to explore the Nation’s new territories, Between 1857 and 1860, Lt. Edward Beale was sent to build a road across northern Arizona. He sent glowing reports to Congress, telling them how the Flagstaff area was rich in grasslands, water and timber. Once the Beale Road was established it became well traveled by emigrants going to California. On July 4, 1876, a group of travelers camped at a small spring with the peaks looming overhead. In honor of the nation’s centennial, they stripped a pine tree of its branches and bark and raised an American flag. When they moved on, their “flag staff” became a landmark for all of those who followed.

Located in the high country mountains of northern Arizona, Flagstaff’s four seasons are enviable by many. Winter adventures await in Arizona’s officially designated Winter Wonderland with an average 108″ of snow fall in downtown, while Spring offers breathtaking beauty of blooms in the world’s largest contiguous emerald green ponderosa pine forest.

Summer temperatures average in the low 80s with sapphire blue skies and crisp mountain air, while the bounty continues into Fall with a panoramic canvas of quaking aspen and foliage offering hues of reds and purples.


Bearizona is a drive through Wildlife Park nestled amongst the pristine Ponderosa Pine forests of Northern Arizona. Bearizona offers visitors to Northern Arizona a new and exciting way to enjoy wildlife the way it was meant to be, in a natural environment. Bearizona Wildlife Park is the only park of its kind in the southwest. Bearizona is located at the gateway to the Grand Canyon in historic Williams, Arizona, just one hour from Grand Canyon’s south rim, three hours southeast of Las Vegas, and two and a half hours northwest of Phoenix. Bearizona is located off of Interstate 40, at exit 165 and is a convenient stop for visitors wanting to experience the Grand Canyon and the beauty of Northern Arizona..

Bearizona invites guests to drive into the Arizona Wilderness and witness herd and pack life from the comfort and safety of their own private vehicle or motor coach. The drive through portion of the park is approximately three-miles long and allows visitors to see larger North American mammals up-close. Enjoy the wide variety of animals ranging from rugged rocky mountain goats, and majestic bison to stealthy Alaskan tundra and Arctic wolves and comical black bears. Guests can also enjoy the parks complimentary Wild Ride Bus Tour, which offers a window-free way to view the animals. Bearizona staff drive and guide during this tour educating passengers on Bearizona facts as well as fun and interesting information about the animals that call Bearizona home.

Ash Fork, Arizona

The town of Ash Fork began when the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, later known as the Santa Fe Railroad, pushed through in October 1882. However, long before the railroad arrived, the area had been roamed by Native Americans, as evidenced by numerous pottery shards and arrowheads found in the area, as well as pictorial writings on rock. In their search for the elusive Seven Cities of Cibola, the Spanish came near the area in the late 1500s. Though this terrain had been crossed since the early 1800s by fur trappers and traders on their way from Santa Fe to Los Angeles, the trails were in poor condition, and the region was known to be wild, unexplored, and dangerous. From 1857 to 1860, Lieutenant Edward F. Beale, a crew of 100 men, and 22 camels built the first federal highway in the southwest — the Beale Wagon Road. Later highways, including Route 66, would be paved across portions of this historic trail.

Beyond Ash Fork, the longest stretch of unbroken Route 66 highway begins at Crookston Road. This historic pavement is approximately 92 miles long, meandering parallel to the Santa Fe Railroad bed. This old alignment provides numerous peeks of vintage Route 66 and is steeped in Native American, mining, and Old West history.

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