Buildable Acreage in Cochise County!

Spectacular views in every direction!

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There is no better feeling than walking across your own beautiful land! Isn’t now the time to unwind and spend more quiet moments with your loved ones on this, usable, buildable lot, 8 miles north of Douglas. Start living your dreams on this private, residential 1.18 acre parcel.

This is lot is located in the SW corner of the subdivision featuring amazing views. There are some pretty nice compounds in the immediate area and it’s so close to Douglas, that it’d be the perfect spot to setup your homestead. Feel free to settle down here and enjoy this parcel almost any way you can imagine. With its wide open spaces this subdivision has an eclectic mix of residences and homesteads.

It’s also relatively close to the cities of Bisbee and Sierra Vista. The Sulphur Valley is famous for its fertile land located in the shadow of the Dragoon Mountains where the famous Cochise Stronghold once stood. To the west there are great mountain views which are best seen at sunset.

The best part, is that there’s great year round weather here. This part of Arizona is known for its temperate climate. The properties proximity to Douglas insures that you’ll have access to all the amenities that a new homestead needs. Cell service here is good, and there is a power nearby. Property taxes are inexpensive which makes this parcel easy to hold for the long term. The vegetation on the property consists of native brush and wild grasses.


Located in SE Arizona near the US – Mexico Border. The city has a population of nearly 15,000 residents and has been recently named one of the nations best micropolitan areas, with superior amenities, growing economies and moderate costs of living. The city continues to play a vital role as a gateway to Mexico and the Rio Sonora region and shares a rich, cultural and economic history with its Mexican sister city, Agua Prieta.

Historic landmarks including the Hotel Gadsden, the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, the Grand Theatre, Church Square (the only location in the world where four different churches are housed on the same block), and the first international airport in the U.S. Douglas has numerous community facilities including an indoor aquatic center, art gallery, seven parks, a picturesque 18-hole golf course, tennis and racquetball courts, a recreation center, public library, Cochise College and affiliated University of Arizona course offerings, plus an impressive list of community programs and activities for its citizens.

Cochise County

Home to Tombstone, Cochise County has over 130,000 residents. Area industries include copper, cattle, cotton and silver. In the county’s largest city, Sierra Vista, US Army Intelligence Center Fort Huachuca helps to contribute to an already strong economy. While the county may be large in size (as large as Connecticut and Rhode Island combined), you will find more similarities than differences as you traverse the area.


On average, there are 284 sunny days per year. Surprisingly, Cochise County enjoys an extremely comfortable climate (comfort index is a 77 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable). The US average on the comfort index is 54.

Can I live in my RV?

This is a common question for many looking to purchase land throughout the state of Arizona.  The answer is complicated and can be best answered [more…]

Property Information

Parcel Size

1.18 Acres




Cochise County

Nearest Cities


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RV Living?

Not Allowed



Buildable Lot?


Mobile Home?

Not Allowed


Can be installed

Water Depth

100 – 180 ft

Buying Process

When purchasing land from us, you have several choices; pay in full for immediate title transfer and ownership, or pay over time (seller financing) receiving title after all payments are made… [Learn More]   


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Driving Directions

This property is easily accessed from HWY 191 or the city of Douglas itself. The County roads are well maintained and is suitable for RVs and 2 wheel drive vehicles.

Did you know that you can click this link and open the map below on your phone or other device and then follow this map directly to the property?

Nearby Attractions/City


The Douglas area was first settled by the Spanish in the 18th century. Douglas was founded as an American smelter town for the prosperous copper mines in Bisbee, AZ. The town is named after mining pioneer Dr. James Douglas, and was incorporated in 1902. Two copper smelters operated at the site; the Calumet and Arizona Company Smelter and the Copper Queen.

Rumor has it that Pancho Villa and his horse Siete Leguas (Seven Leagues) rode up the famous Grand Staircase of the Gadsen Hotel lobby and is is said to have left a chip that can be still be found this very day.

Located in SE Arizona straddling the US – Mexico Border. The city has a population of nearly 15,000 residents and has been recently named one of the nation’s best “micropolitan” areas, communities with superior amenities, growing economies and moderate costs of living. The city continues to play a vital role as a gateway to Mexico and the Rio Sonora region and shares a rich, cultural and economic history with its Mexican sister city, Agua Prieta.

Willcox Wineries

People often ask, why is this area so good for growing wine grapes and making wine? Three things: Elevation, climate, and soil. Put all together, it means the wines produced in the Willcox region carry their own unique Arizona signature and stand among the great wines made anywhere in the world. Summer days are warm and nights are cool, and that wide shift in daily temperatures imparts flavor to the grapes. Then the Arizona summer/fall monsoons introduce a unique twist to the growing season. And finally, the soils are generally rich alluvial and volcanic mixtures from the surrounding mountains. Try a glass yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico

Agua Prieta is a bustling city of 70,000 located in the northeastern corner of Sonora, adjoining the southeastern Arizona town of Douglas.

Although the town has not been around as long as most Sonoran municipalities (which were typically founded centuries ago), it has a storied history.  In fact it was once attacked by the forces of Pancho Villa (who famously rode his horse up the staircase at the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas).

Agua Prieta’s shopping district is within walking distance of the border, and a popular destination for both tourists and residents alike. You can park your car in a nearby lot and walk across the border with ease.

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