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Own and Enjoy this Stunning 10 Acre Parcel in Navajo County, Arizona!

Looking for a private and secure place where you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones? Don’t miss out on this stunning 10 Acre parcel just North of Holbrook, Arizona. Everything you’d need is nearby the property including good restaurants, schools, supercenter, parks, museums, and more.

What began as a town too tough for women and churches, is now too good to miss. Holbrook is also home to an eclectic mix of rock hounds and mineral vendors, making it easy for every visitor to find the perfect souvenir. You can also see and enjoy the one and only: Petrified National Forest and Painted Desert. It is perfect place to build your dream home or plan a family getaway to enjoy and unwind.

GPS Coordinates
Center 35.058659, -110.207315
NE 35.059570, -110.208416
NW 35.059535, -110.206206
SE 35.057752, -110.208395
SW 35.057752, -110.206206

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Parcel Size

10 Acres




Navajo County

Nearest Cities


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Water Depth

400 – 500 ft


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Dirt Road

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35.058659, -110.207315

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Purchase Information/Fees


Down Payment

The down payment covers our doc fees and down payment (if applicable) and reserves the property while the closing documents are being prepared.

$800 *Optional

Title Closing

Closing with a Title company is optional. However, if you do opt for a Title closing, there is an additional fee to cover those costs.


Note Servicing Fee

For transactions that are financed through our firm, there is an additional note servicing fee of $15/month.

Nearby Attractions/City


“What began as a town too tough for women and churches, is now too good to miss”

Holbrook began as a town of railroaders and cattlemen, outlaws and rugged lawmen. Today it is a city steeped in Native American culture, Hispanic roots and pioneers from all walks of life. In this community is the heart of Navajo County, the gateway to the stunning Petrified Forest National Park and the trip that needs to be taken along Historic Route 66. Rich in diversity and welcoming to all, Holbrook is where your adventure begins.

Petrified Forest National Park

Experience one of the world’s largest and most vibrantly colored assemblies of petrified wood, historic structures, and archaeological sites at Petrified Forest National Park. 200-million-year-old fossils tell the tale of the prehistoric earth and its inhabitants in Arizona’s Painted Desert.

But there’s more than wood to the Petrified Forest’s history. You can see remnants of more than 13,000 years of human history at the park, including Puerco Pueblo – a nearly 800-year-old, 100-room dwelling, a diverse, extensive collection of prehistoric pottery fossils and even a protected section of historic Route 66.


Whistling a tune known the world over is what you do when you’re at Winslow’s Standin’ On a Corner Park, which capitalizes on the song’s multi-decade fame. In the same block, you’ll find the Old Trails Museum which houses memorabilia – much of it donated by citizens – that tells the history of a town shaped by American Indians and Western pioneers.

Hiking enthusiasts, you will want to head just north of town to Homolovi State Park, where you can walk the trails around archaeological sites and ponder the petroglyphs of the Hopi ancestors that lived in the region until AD 1400.

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